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* The purpose of the inspection is to report the general condition of the home and identify and disclose major defects or deficiencies of the inspected systems and components, which existed at the time of the inspection and which are evident to the inspector upon ordinary visual observation. The inspection is intended to evaluate systems and components of the primary premises, including attached garages/carports/decks/porches/patios. Systems and components to be inspected include exposed and visible: foundations, structures, exteriors, roofing, plumbing, electrical, attic, interiors, bathrooms and kitchen, basement and crawlspaces, heating and central air conditioning, and attached garage or carport. 

Some limitations may apply; the inspection is limited to the readily accessible and visible systems, equipment and components of the home. The following conditions are NOT within the scope of the inspection and separate inspection should be conducted to determine: 1) Water or air quality 2) Presence of toxic or carcinogenic matter emitted from the ground, building materials, in water or air supply or from the operation of any equipment. 3) Items that are obstructed, inaccessible or not in plain view. 4) Mold or mold type. 5) Animal or insect infestations. Examples of the conditions excluded above: the presence or absence of environmental hazards, asbestos, lead paint, lead pipes, lead solder, radon, urea formaldehyde insulation, toxic wastes, polluted water, mold, or termite/pest infestation.

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